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  • It takes many different departments to manage and operate a successful hotel and deliver our guests an experience to remember. Our roots originate from our first airport hotels so we use airline terminology throughout our brand so to explain a little: Fix It Crew (Engineers), Pre-Arrivals Crew (Reservations), Crew Support (Human Resources), Mission Control (Front Office), Cabin Crew (Housekeeping), Fuel Crew (Food & Beverage) and our rooms are known as ‘cabins’.


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Our Mission

  • YOTEL is challenging the status quo, it’s in our DNA!
  • We appeal to those who find traditional hotels uninspiring, searching for a different experience and not just a great sleep.
  • We deliver that experience to Generation YO through awesome people, smart design and the creative use of technology.
  • We provide unique spaces, each with their own personality, connected by a sense of community, all delivered with a touch of fun and tons of passion.
  • We are inclusive, we are confident and innovative, we are YOTEL!
We care about each other’s success as well as the success of the hotels Elvis Gonzalez – YOTEL New York
A day in my YOTEL life contains a lot of colourful liquid and cocktail shakers As’ad Isnin – YOTEL Singapore Orchard Road


  • We try to live and breathe them, we really do, come and visit us, test us out!
  • Authentic: We are always true to who we are, and do what we say.
  • Creative: We are playful, inspiring, unexpected, constantly evolving by re-imagining the norm.
  • Smart: We are stylish, clever, informed, witty and intuitive. We are efficient, resourceful, agile and totally savvy.
YOTEL gave me many development opportunities to learn how to become a better team member and now a team leader. Kejing Chen - YOTEL Boston
Location Available roles How to apply
  • YOTEL Boston 
  • Senior Mission Control Manager
  • Junior Mission Control Manager
  • Server Deck 12
  • Dishwasher
  • Cabin Crew Public Area Attendant
  • Cabin Crew Attendant
  • YOTEL Edinburgh
  • Cabin Crew (Room Attendant)
  • YOTEL Glasgow
  • VEGA Fuel Crew
  • VEGA Supervisor
  • Sous Chef
  • Cook
  • Events & Programming Manager
  • YOTEL London
  • Cabin Crew
  • YOTEL New York
  • Senior PM Cabin Crew Manager 
  • YOTEL San Francisco
  • Senior Sales Manager
  • YOTEL Singapore
  • Sales Manager
  • Technician
  • Front Office Agent
  • Restaurant & Bar Crew
  • YOTEL Washington DC
  • Mission Control Manager – Night Audit
  • Food & Beverage Manager – Art & Soul Restaurant
  • Cabin Crew Manager
  • Deck 11 Bartender – Seasonal
  • Art & Soul Restaurant Server
  • Sous Chef
  • Catering and Private Dining Sales Manager
  • YOTELAIR Singapore Changi
  • Duty Manager 
  • Reservation Officer 
  • Front Office Agent 
  • Housekeeping Supervisor



  • We want you to start off on the best foot possible. Every new Crew member receives an orientation (we call it Crew Take Off) on the company, brand, mission statement and our competencies so that you can become a true ambassador for YOTEL. We never want you to stop growing at YOTEL and we will ensure you are supported with your personal online development pathway called YOLEARN. 
    You will complete your mandatory training sessions and learning modules through YOLEARN.
  • We often hold a POW WOW, by our CEO, the GM or a senior leadership team member, where we get together to talk about the business and how we’re performing. YOTEL’s internal communication happens via ‘Jostle’, a social media style platform on which fun ideas, social events and new concepts are posted daily. Once a year, we conduct a crew survey to find out your views on the company, the good the bad and the ugly in order to improve.
  • We continually encourage all our crew members to come up with innovative ideas, big or small, that either generate revenue, enhance the customer or crew experience or save costs. These ideas are then reviewed by our CANI (Constant and Never-ending Innovation) team, and the best ones are implemented and rewarded.
  • In applying for a job with YOTEL (UK), and in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation, I agree to my personal data / CV being securely held for a period of no greater than six months. After which it will be deleted.
  • In applying for a job with YOTEL (UK), and in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation, I agree to my personal data / CV being securely held for a period of no greater than six months. After which it will be deleted. If my details are shared internally to satisfy our recruitment process they shall be securely transferred and stored.