YOTEL New York Terrace - Bar and Restaurant

Mission Statement


We disrupt the world of hospitality through people, technology and design. These allow YOTEL to stand out, appealing to Generation YO looking for extraordinary experiences, a sense of fun, and value in sought-after locations. Smart thinking makes YOTEL an exciting place for our crew to work; for guests to experience; and for owners to invest.

Brand values

• HONEST: We are true to who we are, and we deliver what we say
We are playful and creative
• INTUITIVE: We understand the needs of others: we are thoughtful and empathetic with fellow crew members and our guests
• SMART: We use technology and design to create a seamless experience, from SmartBeds™ to our new app
• EFFICIENT: We focus on everything you need and nothing you don't - from maximising space in a cabin to self-service kiosks and no queues

A woman reading and relaxing at the YOTEL Boston Seaport Club Lounge
Evening eating and drinking on rooftop terrace at hotel New York, Hell's Kitchen

Brand promise




It is the central hub, the beating heart of the hotel, a multi-functional space designed to create a sense of community whether for work or play. It is where our guests network, connect, socialise, relax, work, co-work, eat and drink, and where life happens and is shared. YOTEL’s Japanese influence is noted in various forms: from our company logo to our minimalistic super-functional cabins. 

Hotel Singapore Orchard Road Restaurant
YOTEL Boston Seaport Sky Lounge Terrace

Rooftop bars

They're the place for fun socialising in eclectic, vibrant settings where one rewinds from a busy day over great cocktails and delicious shared food. These bars are famous for signature cocktails executed flawlessly with flair by a local mixologist. The place to go for tap beers and wine selections, bar snacks and comfort food presented as small plates to be shared. Undoubtedly, the perfect venue for small group gatherings.


We are committed to the ongoing development of our hotel app to ensure we deliver a seamless journey to our guests from making a booking to leaving the hotel. With our new app, you will be able to see the best deals, make a booking, check-in without having to wait around and even use your phone as your SmartKey to your cabin – easy peasy!

In addition to saving lots of time using the app for the above, you will also have access to the hotel food and drink menus, information about hotel facilities and tips on exploring the neighbourhood. Enjoy!

Cycling Hotel New York Times Square

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

That’s the motto YOTEL live by. Our CANI teams (Constant And Never-ending Innovation) keep sustainability at the forefront of everything we do. We keep our carbon footprint to a minimum with initiatives like occupancy sensors for heating/AC activation, lighting and cooling systems, water flow monitoring systems, LED lighting, minimal paper usage and refillable shampoo and body wash containers.

Coffee & tea

Offering an excellent coffee and tea culture/lifestyle is an important part of the overall YOTEL guest experience. In order to ensure a consistent and high-quality coffee and tea experience across our hotel portfolio, we have partnered with two of the best suppliers in the field to create specially blended coffees and teas for our guests and doing so in bespoke co-branded packaging. These specially created blends can also be purchased by guests as gifts or just to enjoy at home.


A cup of coffee with coffee beans


Modern brand storytelling is not complete without emotional engagement - a natural by-product of a scented experience. Our scent ‘SIMPLICITY’ is deceptively simple, like everything we do. The scent contains notes of the ocean, cut grass and violet intertwined with moss and wood, conjure up a sense of escape