18th July 2018, London UK - Khirstie Gunn Myles has been appointed YOTEL’s new Senior Vice President of Design and Construction. Khirstie joins YOTEL with over 20 years of experience managing the development, design and construction of hotels, resorts and residences across the world. Khirstie expertly led IHG’s design and engineering team across Asia, Africa and the Middle East where she was responsible for delivery of over 200 pipeline resort and hotel projects in design and construction between 2012 and 2017.

Before joining YOTEL, Khirstie worked across the world. She directed Marriott’s Design and Project Management teams for Europe, Middle East and Africa and also led projects in the US, South America, Caribbean and Australia.

Khirstie joins a team that has already gone from strength to strength in its pioneering designs. However, Khirstie’s international insight will only strengthen YOTEL’s presence on the global stage and catalyse innovation.

“I am absolutely thrilled to welcome such an experienced leader to our team. Khirstie has established herself as a global expert, whose career spans continents, cultures and unique projects. I know her awareness of the practicalities of design and construction procurement, operation, nuances of markets and the emotional drivers of customers is exceptionally profound, which will play a vital role in the opening of 17 new hotels in the next three years. Khirstie will continue the revolution of YOTEL and maintain our high standards of innovation across our three brands, YOTEL, YOTELAIR and YOTELPAD,” says Hubert Viriot, CEO of YOTEL.

“I am very excited to join the YOTEL team. This is the perfect opportunity for me. Despite working in large corporate groups, my heart lies on the entrepreneurial side of the business. My experience in such corporations have however gifted me the skills to understand design and construction from the owner and investor perspective. I can truly say that YOTEL’s innovative design has a way of capturing the imagination of people, and for investors, there is nothing else out there quite like it,” remarked Khirstie.

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