London, 1 April 2016 - YOTEL, known as “the world’s most radical hotel”, announced plans today to launch the first ever live ‘APP STORE™’, offering direct access to the newest apps at an affordable price.

Further revolutionizing the way consumers access media and information, YOTEL’s Innovation Crew is embracing the idea that an app isn’t just an online offering. For the first time, users can put thumbnail sized, stylish apps into their pocket to interact with their favourite apps in tangible, and more advanced ways.

Four years under development, YOTEL recruited product designers with a strong sensibility and success in the digital space to develop the most ergonomic, compact app designs that complement the brand’s signature cabin design. The hotel believes thatphysically connecting with apps will provide guests a closer connection
to everyday necessities in a world where there is too much noise in the digital space. These tangible connections allow guests to maximize how apps enhance their everyday lives.

“We’re excited to continue to fulfil our reputation as an innovative brand with the new ‘APP STORE™’, said Jo Berrington, VP of Marketing. We know that our guests are digitally savvy and anticipate that they will value the convenience of purchasing an app — rightoff the shelf! — during their stay. We are beyond thrilled to bring this unique offering to our guests”.

The apps will be available at YOTEL’s Mission Control, a one-stop shop for personal needs. As YOTEL expands into cities such as Boston, Singapore, Miami and San Francisco the APP STORE™ will also dispense apps from vending machines, conveniently located within the hotels.

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