Joy Maroulás Author: Joy Maroulás
Last updated: 13 February 2019

Amsterdam might not be famous for its culinary delights, but there's no shortage of delicious food if you know where to look. You don't even need to leave the airport to try lots of local treats. Here are our top dishes to try at Schiphol.
1. Dutch Treats


This delicious Dutch snack is available at almost all the bars in Schiphol, and it’s the perfect introduction to the local culture. Sit back and relax with a couple of cold beers and a plate of hot Bitterballen. The center is a rich, meaty roux packed with flavour and spices, coated generously with breadcrumbs and deep fried for maximum crispiness. For the ultimate Dutch experience, they should be served piping hot and dunked in plentiful spicy mustard.

Before security, enjoy at Grand Café Plaza. Airside, visit Tastes From The Lowlands, Heineken Bar or any of the other fantastic bars in the airport.


Stroopwafels are probably the best known item on this list; they are fast gaining popularity outside of our borders and with good reason! The crumbly biscuit and chewy caramel combination is the stuff of dreams for those with a sweet tooth. To make the most of your Stroopwafels, we recommend having them with a hot drink. Set one on the rim of your cup to warm through and start to melt the filling. You’re going to want to buy plenty to take home because sharing these with your friends and family is hard.

Pick up a pack or two from the gift shop to enjoy at the airport or at home.


If there’s one thing the Dutch do well, it’s pancakes. Enjoy traditional Dutch pancakes with a variety of fillings, savoury and sweet. They are the perfect choice for breakfast or lunch (or even dinner if you’re willing to really push the boat out). Whatever the time of day, you won’t be able to resist folding plate-sized, silky pancakes around your choice of filling for a tasty treat. Pancakes are the perfect choice for kids and their finicky palates, but also for those who love to indulge their inner child.

Tuck into your pancakes at Dutch & Delicious (open 24/7) or Touch Down Restaurant (Open 08:00-20:00).


The Dutch have been eating raw salted herring for over 600 years, and today happily consume 12 million kilos every year. The traditional way of eating these is plain or dipped in finely cut onions. However, for those who want a heartier snack, they are usually available on an open sandwich. The combination of slippery fish and nubby rye bread is one of the pleasures of Dutch cuisine.

Enjoy your herring at The Dutch Bar and Kitchen (Open 6:00-20:00) after security or The Happy Seafood Bar before (Open 10:00-22:00).

2. Something less Dutch


So you don’t fancy a Dutch treat but you still want something delicious? You can’t go wrong with a hamburger. It’s the ideal meal for filling up before a long flight. There are plenty of hamburgers available at bars all over the airport, but the best atmosphere might be at Silverscreen. This diner is decorated in 1920s/30s style and serves up all your favourite American classics.

Dig into your hamburger at Silverscreen after security or discover a delicious local version at Tastes from the Lowlands.

Udon noodles

This might seem a little-left field, but if you’re looking for something quick and delicious, udon noodles are a fantastic choice. Tuck in whether you’re rushing to your plane or have just hopped off and are ravenous from the journey. With noodles whipped up fresh using whole ingredients right before your eyes, you’re sure to find a combo that tickles your taste buds.

Discover a new favourite at Kiosk Sushi and Noodles right by the gate in Lounge 2 (open 10:00am-21:00pm).

3. Still can’t decide?

For those who can’t pick, there’s no better option than La Place, the popular Dutch chain. They sell a whole range of delicious foods from pizza to sandwiches, all freshly made to order. If you want a healthier option, we also strongly recommend the juices and smoothies that are made in store and kept on ice until you’re ready to savour them.

Visit La Place landside before you go through security. Open 7:00am-21:00pm.


Visit Amsterdam Schiphol Airport for more information. 

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