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Emma Petty Author: Emma Petty
Last updated: 31 July 2018

Travelling in a metal box at high speeds around the planet kind of goes against the laws of nature – our bodies are bound to have a little freak out when we do it. Jetlag is caused by your circadian rhythm (science talk for body clock) being thrown out of sync when crossing numerous time zones in a short amount of time. It can get a holiday off to a really bad start – you feel tired, groggy and a little stupid. But here at YOTEL, we like to think of jetlag as a challenge… oh yes. We’ve sussed out a few tricks to try before, during and after a flight to beat that body clock and feel (almost) completely fresh. Let’s begin!


Like anything, preparation is key. While it can be tempting to leave your packing until the night before a flight and subsequently have a terrible night’s sleep due to stress and/or excitement, try to get some decent kip. You wouldn’t embark on a 20-hour flight without making sure your phone’s fully charged, so why would you do the same with your energy levels?


Now, this step is all down to how lazy you are. Hear us out. The key to beating jetlag is being able to manage either a long day or a shorter one in order to reset your body clock. If you're good at sleeping and like to hibernate, try to choose a flight that arrives in the evening so you can go straight to sleep and wake up in the morning at the local time. If you know you’ll struggle to get a full night’s sleep and are an active person, choose an early arrival time, get on with exploring the city and feel ready to go to sleep local time in the evening. 


No-one likes to sleep on planes. If they do, they’ve probably paid to travel First Class with unlimited chocolate strawberries and a fully reclining bed. If this isn’t an option, book a flight with a layover halfway through the journey. Not only will this make your flight a little cheaper, but you can also get booked into an airport hotel like ours in Paris, Heathrow, Gatwick and Amsterdam. These airport hotels are equipped with showers and comfortable beds to ensure you have a great stay. Trust us – it’ll make a world of difference.


It’s always tempting to head to the bar at the airport – why wait to get the party started, right? WRONG. Jetlag is bad enough, let alone jetlag with a hangover from those cute little liquor bottles from duty-free. Alcohol and altitude are a bad combination, it dehydrates your body and will leave you having a fragmented night’s sleep. The same goes for caffeine; coffee will boost your energy at all the wrong times. Limit yourself to one strategic espresso when you arrive at your destination. The best thing you can do for your body is hydrate as much as possible during a flight.


Sleeping tablets are effective in sending you straight to sleep but they have a tendency to make you feel extremely groggy whilst the chemicals are still in your system. Try taking herbal tea with you on a flight, hot water will be complimentary so it’s a cheap and healthy way to send you off to sleep (we recommend lemon tea!)


Don’t feel embarrassed to stock up on flight friendly accessories for your trip. We’re talking oversized headphones, eye masks, ear plugs, fluffy socks, neck pillows! Yes, your fellow passengers may laugh, but you won’t be able to hear them because you’ll be in a cosy, deep slumber. Winning.


Our Circadian Rhythms are set through sun levels and our daily routine. Therefore, adjusting your meal times can be a great way to help you reset your body clock in a new time-zone. Depending on how long your flight is (we don’t want you starving to death), try to avoid eating excessive amounts of food offered to you while flying. When you reach your destination, wait until the next meal time and tuck in. Not only will you avoid a whole load of additives and salt from the plane food, but you’ll trick your body into thinking it’s synced with the time-zone and will make your jetlag a little easier to handle.


No matter how closely you follow these steps, you’re always going to feel a little tired – there, we said it. But don’t feel disheartened. A power nap is a perfect way to charge those batteries while you’re recovering from jetlag. On your first day of travelling, plan activities that are close to your hotel so you’re never too far away from your bed. You’ll get your bearings of the local area and you it won’t be too much of a hassle if you need an emergency 40 winks.


We hope this guide helps you travel smarter and travel harder. Jetlag is inevitable but should never get in the way of a good time!