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Mindful tips for travelling

Author: Contributor: Jen Kluczkowski
Last updated: 21 March 2017

Travelling for work or play is the perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness. When we’re in a new environment, we have to be more aware and observant. It’s all new, and new is exciting to our mind!  

The “beginner’s mind” means we’re more open to whatever will come – we don’t have any expectations. When we don’t have an idea of how things should be, we can fully enjoy the moment.

Whether we’ve stayed at a hotel a dozen times, or this is our first time, there’s always so much to discover.  

A woman in bed at YOTEL

Here are a few mindful tips to get the most out of your next hotel stay:

  • Get to know hotel staff by name. It doesn’t matter if you’re only staying overnight, creating human connections make our moments meaningful. Whether it’s the check-in staff, the server at breakfast or the attendant that helps you with your bags, make it a point to say hello and introduce yourself. Each time you pass by, a smile or a quick chat with a new friend makes what could be a mundane moment fun.
  • Take frequent gratitude breaks. Feeling gratitude is an incredible way to drop right into your present moment and surroundings. Even if you’re traveling on business, it’s a true luxury to visit different destinations and meet new people. Spending a few seconds in the morning with the awareness of your safe travel, your good health to travel, and your ability to experience new things while still in your hotel bed sets you up for an epic day.
  • Remember your body. Sitting in planes, trains and automobiles for extended periods of time isn’t great for posture, circulation or energy levels. Even if you don’t have time to hit the hotel gym for a huge workout, see if you can spend a few minutes stretching and breathing deeply in your room. Lengthening your muscles, boosting your blood flow and releasing tension literally helps you move easier through your day. 

A woman observing the city skyline whilst travelling

Practicing mindfulness in your hotel doesn’t have to be an extended meditation in your room with your eyes closed, although, that’s awesome too. A mindfulness practice can be as simple as just taking in everything happening around you.  

If you can keep that innocent, open and excited mindset, you’ll have a meaningful trip, even on your 10th visit. Each experience offers something new, we just have to be open to seeing it that way.

Looking out of the hotel room window from YOTEL

For tips on mindfulness, meditation, and ways to de-stress, visit our website here. Or, tune in to channel 70 in your cabin!