Author: Contributor: Jen Kluczkowski

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Preparing for a business meeting

Traveling for business usually involves lots of meetings, presentations and networking. Even if you’ve been doing it for years, the need to be "on" can wind you up and wear you down, especially when you add in all the unknowns of travel.

Mindfulness is a practice that cultivates our attention. It strengthens our focus, enabling us to turn down outside noise and take in more from each moment. When we practice mindfulness, we experience more clarity, and therefore, less stress. If you think about it, being unclear or uncertain leads to a lot of anxiety.

Setting an intention before the trip ensures we’re focused and successful. I always suggest avoiding an intention tied to a business result, tempting as it may be (i.e. my intention is to close this deal at this price). Instead, consider setting an intention that supports personal growth for you, or someone else involved in the trip.  

A great intention might be: I’m looking to deepen my relationship with this client so I can understand their needs better. An intention like this puts no pressure on the situation, allowing us to take in more from the conversation, without having the distraction of obtaining an immediate result.  

Most importantly, a clear, attainable intention allows us to listen. When we listen attentively, we’re more apt to find the best solution, faster. It might sound funny, but most of us rarely listen to what’s being said –we’re just waiting for our turn to speak! When you catch yourself prepping your next point while someone else is still making theirs, tune back in. Listening is often far more powerful than speaking.

Finally, you’re moving through your experiences with intention, see if you can bring more awareness into your body. Begin noticing yourself as you listen and talk. Are the arms crossed? Are the shoulders rounding forward? Are you leaning back? Leaning in? Body awareness is a critical part of the equation.

By paying attention to our body, we can project qualities like receptivity, confidence and clarity, allowing our audience (even an audience of one!) to feel more comfortable and open-minded.

Start with an intention, listen carefully and stay open. These are powerful mindful practices that increase our awareness, and ultimately, success! 

For tips on mindfulness, meditation, and ways to de-stress, visit our website here. Or, tune in to channel 70 in your cabin!

Author: Contributor: Jen Kluczkowski

Jen Kluczkowski is passionate about making our time spent working better, so she founded Mindfresh: a modern meditation experience for people who sit all day long. Through Mindfresh, over 1,000 mindfulness experiences have been held at Fortune 100s coast to coast.  She's spoken on the power of mindfulness at SXSW, Columbia Business School, Estee Lauder, Deutsche Bank + The New York Times. Her work has been featured in O Magazine, Entrepreneur, Fast Company + Well + Good. 

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