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Emma Petty Author: Emma Petty
Last updated: 9 July 2018

Travelling is a time for you to explore and discover new parts of the world. While it’s a busy and exhausting experience, you’re more than likely to have your fair dosage of waiting around in between flights or bus trips. New destinations are great but the process of getting there can be long and monotonous. Our favourite way of passing the time? Podcasts! They're a great way to unwind and can unlock some hidden corners of your next destination. If you're looking for activity recommendations for your holiday or need a distraction from the 20-hour bus ride you're about to embark on, get in-the-know with a little help from some full-time travellers. Here are some of our favourite travel podcasts you need to check out!


Travelogue - With the focus being not only on the destinations but hot topics around travel itself, Travelogue is your insiders’ guide for the modern traveller. Take a deep dive into different cities around the world while breaking down the stereotypes of what a true traveller is. If you need a little inspiration for your next adventure – Travelogue will be the worldly friend that can point you in the right direction.


Travel Couple Podcast – Bloggers and influencers have exploded onto the scene over the past decade. It’s becoming less cliched to leave your nine-to-five lifestyle and turn travelling into a full-time job. Imagine – choosing your own hours, covering every corner of the globe… Bliss! That’s not to say it’s easy, especially when you’re travelling with your significant other. Mike and Natalie discuss the ways to get the most out of travelling with your partner. Whether you’re planning a summer holiday or running a business while on the road – explore the trials and tribulations of travelling with your other half with the Travel Couple Podcast.


The Travelers - Uttering the words, ‘I found myself in Bali’ and meaning it is something we all want to avoid. But there is an element of travelling that opens your eyes to something different, be that something about yourself or the different cultures around you. Nathaniel Boyle takes you down a journey of self-discovery on his podcast, The Travellers.  If you’re looking to delve a little deeper into why people really travel, this is the podcast for you.


Extra Pack of Peanuts– Travis and Heather have mastered the art of breaking down their worldly wisdom into bite-sized nuggets that are oh-so-easy to digest with their podcast, Extra Pack of Peanuts. From teaching us how to travel with infants to turning travelling into a lifestyle – all bases are covered with this podcast!  


Travel Tales – If you want to be told what not to do when travelling, Mike Siegel has a plethora of wildly funny anecdotes that will have you itching to pack a bag and make some mistakes of your own. Mike invites fellow travellers onto the show to discuss some of their fondest memories from their past adventures. While some may be positive experiences, the majority are hilariously horrific. This is one not to be missed!


Budget-minded traveller – Travelling can be intimidating, and sadly, a lot of it revolves around how well you handle your finances. It’s pretty make-or-break. Jackie helps you to throw all these insecurities out of the window on the Budget-Minded Traveler. Sometimes it takes just that little spark of inspiration for you to finally decide to hit the destination on the top of your bucket list. Jackie’s has a voice of reason with an infectious 'just do it' attitude that is a pleasure to listen to.