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Boston Design Week: Futuristic Interior Design, What's Now, New and Next!

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Author: Tim Weber

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Get ready, design-fans, the fifth annual Boston Design Week is right around the corner! This April, Boston will play host to a 12-day festival that aims to celebrate the best and most innovative designs of the year, as well as encourage appreciation of design as a whole. After all, unless you’re standing out in the middle of nature, everything you see has been consciously designed and built, a fact that can be easy to overlook. But not any more!

The Boston Design Week theme for 2018 is ‘NOW, NEW, NEXT!’ and will explore the future of interior design. Futuristic design is something we know all about at YOTEL, so if you’re looking for the lowdown on this year’s festival, we’ve got you covered. Here’s your guide to Boston Design Week 2018.

Bird’s Eye View Of Boston 
(Photo via Osman Rana)

What is Boston Design Week?

Boston Design Week aims to promote public awareness and appreciation of design, draw new audiences to design groups and industries, and encourage respect for the crucial role design plays in all of our lives. How does it do this? By showcasing some of the best, most impressive and dynamic designs you’ve ever seen, of course!

This is a festival that celebrates the full spectrum of the world of design: featuring cutting-edge creations from product designers, fashion designers and tech designers. This year Boston Design Week comprises more than 80 events hosted by designers and design-related businesses.

When is Boston Design Week?

Boston Design Week will run from April 4–15, 2018. Yep, that’s actually 12 days and not a week, but seven days is nowhere near enough time to showcase the incredible talent in and around Boston.

What can we expect from this year’s Boston Design Week?

The schedule for the festival hasn’t been released yet, but the 2018 Boston Design Week promises to be the biggest and best yet. Last year over 12,000 design fanatics attended 80+ events in 13 different Boston neighborhoods and 14 towns in the greater Boston area. Guests explored exhibitions, panels, design contests, openings, and countless other programs aimed at design-focused families, professionals, and students.

The theme of this year’s festival is NOW, NEW, NEXT!, so we can expect the focus to be on ground-breaking current designs, upcoming state-of-the-art designs, and futuristic designs so smart, they’ll leave us breathless.

Modern Interior Design 
(Photo via Jurgen Leckie)

Where does Boston Design Week take place?

Boston Design Week is a citywide festival. It takes place throughout Boston and its neighborhoods, including Allston, Back Bay, Dorchester, Waterfront, Jamaica Plain, Mattapan, North End, South Boston and South End. Many events also take place throughout Greater Boston, e.g. Brookline, Cambridge, Concord, Danvers, Lexington, Lowell, Milford, Newton, Salem, Somerville, and more.

The Boston Design Center and the Innovation and Design Building will also play host to many of the festival’s largest events and exhibitions.

Where should I stay?

Seeing as the theme of the 2018 Boston Design Week is NOW, NEW, NEXT, it’s only fitting that you stay somewhere that values futuristic design as much as you do. The obvious choice is – of course! – YOTEL Boston, which has made waves in the city with its futuristic design.

As soon as you enter the glass-fronted lobby, you’ll appreciate why staying at YOTEL Boston ties in so well with Design Week.The idea for YOTEL was inspired by the innovative use of space in Japanese pod hotels and the luxury of first-class travel; everything is slick, efficient and cutting-edge. If the Starship Enterprise were a hotel, YOTEL would be it… and if that isn’t a fine example of futuristic design, we don’t know what is!

YOTEL Boston is the perfect base to explore the best that Boston Design Week has to offer. Take a look at our futuristically designed cabins here, and check availability here.

Author: Tim Weber

Tim Weber is the Digital and Social Media Manager at YOTEL Boston.

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