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Video: How to Sleep in an Airport


Author: Bernice Chan

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Oh, the joys of travelling!

Long transit connections, delays, cancellations and early flights you don't want to miss. We’ve all experienced spending hours in an airport waiting for our next flight.

When flying solo, it can feel like we’re stuck in some kind of twilight zone, trying to find a vaguely comfortable position on uncomfortable seating, braving the chilly air con, clutching our bags close and people watching as the only entertainment. Never has personal space been at such a premium. If you’re lucky enough to find a row without armrests that you can stretch out on you still have to assume that instant pretend-to-be-sleeping pose whenever someone hovers nearby. Unlucky people are simply resigned to propping themselves up against a wall on a cold hard floor next to a charging point.

Just when you think it might only be another 1 or 2 hours before you board your flight and you feel it might be a good idea to try and make yourself look vaguely presentable then here goes the next challenge. Jostling for space in a crowded public bathroom, trying to clean your teeth with a dribble of a tap that only works when you have to constantly wave your hand in front of it is not fun. Even worse, should you want to shower or change into a fresh set of clothes, try cramming yourself into a tiny cubicle with all your hand luggage for company and get changed without dropping clothes on the floor.


Bring on the crinkled necks. As F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, "the worst thing in the world is to try to sleep and not to", and we definitely agree.

Rant over - we at YOTELAIR know there’s a better way to sleep at airports, in your own private compact smartly designed hotel room of course. Hotels are usually the tonic to travel but happen at the end of a journey. YOTELAIR seeks to disrupt the usual painful travel experience by providing a restful haven, an oasis in the middle or before a journey instead.

YOTELAIR hotels are available for your ultimate convenience at London Heathrow Terminal 4, Gatwick South Terminal, Amsterdam Schiphol and our newest airport hotel at Paris, Charles de Gaulle Terminal 2E.

YOTELAIR Paris Charles de Gaulle hotel is located in the SkyTeam Terminal 2E in the brand new Instant Paris transit area All of our Premium cabins are built for relaxation with a queen size SmartBed™, private en-suite bathroom and technowall with smart TV. You can chill, sleep, dream and refresh before heading onto your next destination. Our Club Lounge is equipped with flexible spaces for working, eating or just chilling. If that’s not enough, coffee and tea is available complimentary 24/7 and the free Wifi is the best.

Opening Offer: Sleep at CDG Airport from €59 for up to four hours during the day, or €99 overnight. YOTELAIR Paris Charles de Gaulle opens on 8 November 2016, come and check us out after you’ve checked in!

YOTELAIR Paris CDG is now available to Book Online.


Author: Bernice Chan

Bernice is a Digital Marketer at YOTEL's London HQ and is excited by innovation in the travel industry and all things digital.

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