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Have an unforgettable adventure at the Rendez-Vous Regatta At Sail Boston

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Author: Julie Soscia

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Even if you’re not big into sailing there is something truly spectacular about tall ships, and now you have the opportunity to experience this magnificent sight for yourself at the Rendez-vous Regatta.

On June 17th Boston welcomes 50 tall ships from about 20 countries all over the world (the largest fleet yet!). Making their way from Bermuda,

The Boston Harbor is the only U.S. port where these ships will be stationed for five days, and six of the ships call Boston, MA their home port!

This trans-Atlantic race started in Royal Greenwich, UK on April 13th. From there the boats embarked on a 7,000-nautical mile journey through Portugal, Bermuda and Boston. The event “marks the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation through its founders and founding provinces.” From Boston, the boats will conclude their trip to Quebec City, Canada.

When does the Rendez-vous Regatta take place?

The opening event will take place on June 16th with many more events happening throughout weekend. The Grand Parade of Sail will begin Saturday, June 17th at 9am where the ships will journey up the main sound of the Boston Harbor.

YOTEL Boston will officially open its doors at the end of June. We’ll be full steam ahead to accommodate guests for future Sail Boston events.

Author: Julie Soscia

Julie Soscia is YOTEL Boston Marketing & PR Manager.

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