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Why PAX East Boston fans will love YOTEL

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Author: Tim Weber

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It’s back, and it’s better than ever! This April, thousands of die-hard gamers will flood into Boston for the city’s biggest convention – the innovative and energetic PAX East Boston. Prepare to see flocks of people cosplaying through the streets of Boston, as the celebration for all things gaming kicks off.

Whether you’re a PAX East regular or 2018 is your first time, we’ve got you covered. From making sure you catch the highlights to getting around and finding the best possible place to stay (uh… that’s obviously YOTEL), here’s your guide to acing this awesome weekend. 

What is PAX East?

PAX was born in 2004 and celebrates gaming and game culture. Every year PAX has doubled in size and it now has events in Boston (PAX East), Seattle (PAX West), San Antonio (PAX South) and Melbourne (PAX Aus). As Boston’s biggest annual convention, PAX East is one of the city’s hottest tickets; appealing to the full spectrum of gamers, the convention features freeplay, tournaments, concerts, panels and much more.

PAX East Boston
(Photo via Matt Chan)

When and where is PAX East?

PAX East takes place from April 5–8th 2018 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, located on 415 Summer St, Boston, MA 02210. The BCEC is huge, and finding the right theatre can be confusing. Luckily, PAX East has devised a system to help you find your way: if the theatre is named after an animal that lives in water, it’s on Level 0; if it’s named after an animal that lives on the ground, it’s on Level 1; and if it’s named after an animal that flies, it’s on Level 2. Easy!

Boston Convention Center
(Photo via Groupe Canam)

What are the highlights of PAX East 2018?

The full schedule for PAX East Boston hasn’t been released yet, but you can bet there’ll be a whole host of activities and events to get stuck into. Head to the Exhibit Hall to view exhibitors ranging from AAA publishers to ground-breaking developers behind the latest indie games, or check out the panels for some thought-provoking gaming chat (the schedules usually open in March).

If you want to get your game on, be sure to check out the Omegathon, a mega-tournament that spans the length of PAX and features games of all platforms and genres. Beginning with 16 two-player teams, the Omeganauts must battle their way through untold horrors until there are only two teams left to face off…

In the evenings, you can party it up with your friends at the nightly concerts to the best game soundtracks. Head to the Diversity Lounge if you want to meet some awesome new people: the gaming community is exceptionally diverse and the Diversity Lounge is a celebration of that.

(Photo by Michael

Where should I stay?

Do you really need to ask?? You should stay at YOTEL… and no, we’re not just saying that because we’re YOTEL Boston (honest). YOTEL is hands down the best place to stay if you’re attending PAX (don’t just take our word for it!); here’s why.

First, there’s the location. Just a few blocks from the BCEC, YOTEL Boston means you’re only ever a ten-minute walk away from PAX East. Staying this close means you’ll save a fortune on cabs and Ubers, as well as hours of time sitting in traffic. It’s a no-brainer.

Second, if you’re staying at YOTEL you don’t even have to leave the hotel to enjoy your own post-PAX-party. Unlike other hotels near BCEC, YOTEL has one of the best bars in the city. Our Sky Lounge rooftop bar runs the length of the building, and you can enjoy incredible views from the 12th floor. Boston weather is unpredictable in April, but if it’s warm you can catch the sunset from the terrace, and if it’s cold you can stay warm while still admiring the view.

We have live music with Louie Bello every Thursday from 8–11:30pm in the club lounge, and on Saturday nights you’ll find some of Boston’s hottest DJs spinning records from 9pm–1:00am. We’re a sociable hotel, so if you make some new friends at PAX East and want to bring them back for an after party, then the more the merrier as far as we’re concerned!

Third, there’s the small matter that if you’re interested in tech (and we’re guessing you are if you’re heading to PAX), then staying in the most tech savvy hotel in Boston should be right up your street. If you need some amenities, forget about a human YOTEL worker delivering them (that’s so 2017); our YO2D2 robot delivers amenities to your room and even mingles with guests in our public spaces.

Fourth, while we appreciate that you’re in town for PAX East, that doesn’t mean you won’t have time to explore another side of this beautiful city. YOTEL Boston gives you easy access to great restaurants and buzzing bars, and there’s even a bowling rink and theatre across the street if you fancy catching a movie or hitting a strike. Trust us, April 5–8th won’t be long enough…

YOTEL Boston’s central location means you’re a quick and easy walk from the BCEC, the south station and to the courthouse stop on the silver line. Getting around Boston couldn’t be easier when you stay with us, so book one of our cozy cabins before they all go! Check availability here.

Author: Tim Weber

Tim Weber is the Digital and Social Media Manager at YOTEL Boston.

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