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Fergus Boyd Author: Fergus Boyd
Last updated: 10 November 2017

Everyone has their own travel style, savvy shortcuts and methods for making the most of long trips and in-between airport time. Whether travelling for work or fun, we have to get creative when packing, driving, flying, checking-in and when stalled in transit, because travel can be fast-paced. It can be painfully slow. It can be overwhelming or boring. Often, we experience both sides of the spectrum in a single journey and have to adapt. Some of us find ways to do that in the moment. Others have planned for any and all situations far in advance. We love the fact that there are many types of travellers!

In the midst of it all, travel can be incredibly fun, energizing, surprising and delightful. We try to fuel these bright experiences and minimise the headaches of travel for our YOTEL guests around the globe with original, high-tech, intuitive, affordable and enjoyable hospitality choices.

We also enjoy sharing fresh suggestions from our team and YOTEL partners, like how to pack mindfully and travel with children. Or how to survive long-haul flights and overcome your fear of flying.

While we believe our bright ideas are making travel better every day, we know too that our wonderful guests and social followers are savvy travellers in their own right. We have loved hearing from many of you already and want to do more to foster this dialogue by curating a collaborative home for inspiring content.

Out of this desire is born #CleverTravel. Your long-time go-to for tips, inspiration, and hacks, YOTEL introduces the curated collection of smart, unexpected and affordable travel ideas through inspiring videos and images. Whatever your next journey holds, #CleverTravel has you covered – even outside the hotel!

How to Participate

We would love to know your clever travel strategies and to share them with your fellow travellers within this community! Participating in the #CleverTravel curation is simple:

  1.       Follow @YOTELAIR and @YOTEL on Instagram
  2.       Post your original tip, trick, advice or demo of how you travel cleverly (image + caption)
  3.       Be sure to tag #CleverTravel
  4.       Engage with other #CleverTravel content by liking and commenting on posts, to support one another’s great ideas!
  5.       Ensure content follows the guidelines below

We may not be able to repost everyone’s #CleverTravel ideas, but we will review all posts tagged with #CleverTravel for consideration. Those that are most original, surprising and delightful – as judged by our #CleverTravel ambassadors – will be eligible for a YOTEL stay on us, and the chance to have their content shared across YOTEL’s esteemed social channels with link back and proper credit. If your submission fits the bill, you’ll befriended by YOTEL and messaged directly so keep an eye out after submitting your great idea!

What Constitutes Clever Travel?

YOTEL thrives off the notion of Clever Travel and has brought together a select group of like-minded individuals to kick off the #CleverTravel collection. These savvy individuals will appear on the @YOTELAIR Instagram feed in the coming weeks (denoted with a unique CleverTravel seal), inspiring all nomads to up their travel game and giving you inspiration for your own posts to contribute.

YOTEL will also be sharing some of our own favourite hacks, tips, and tricks under #CleverTravel, so be sure to keep an eye on the hashtag. You will find from the YOTEL content and #CleverTravel ambassadors that Clever Travel to us is about positive ways to spend your travel time, tips on staying healthy in transit, packing efficiently, saving money and maximizing your travel experiences from end-to-end. You can expect to see ideas like:

Travel with eye masks that curve out from your eyes during short trips so as not to mess up your eye makeup in-flight or during layover naps.

Use unique room constraints to stretch your yoga aspirations to benefit body, soul, and mind.

We believe in celebrating the journey with colourful stories, beautiful imagery, and positive encouragement. #CleverTravel content can look many different ways and capture numerous facets of the travel experience, but content must adhere to the following guidelines.

We value it being:

  • Ethical
  • Moral
  • Legal
  • Inclusive
  • Positive
  • Interesting
  • Engaging
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Steer away from being:

  • Condescending
  • Copied from someone else’s star idea
  • Dreary or dark
  • Low-res
  • Derogatory toward any party
  • Include nudity or profanity

Any questions? Drop us a line at [email protected]

We can’t wait to see your Clever ideas and beautiful imagery!

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