Fergus Boyd Author: Fergus Boyd
Last updated: 22 September 2016

At YOTEL, we love business travellers. Since lots of them stay at our affordable luxury hotels, we've learned quite a bit about them and wanted to share a few tips on what may seem like a daunting task: packing for a business trip!

1. Don’t even think about checking luggage

Checked luggage is a business traveller's kryptonite – it slows you down and causes way more hassle than it’s worth. Carry-on bags are the way to go. Pack a computer bag with your devices to free up your carry-on for clothing and toiletries. Some airlines offer two items of carry-on luggage, so take advantage of this if possible. And no matter how tempting a bigger bag might seem, don’t give in! You’ll be grateful when you whizz through baggage and customs like the business travel superhero you are.

2. Think less is more

To fit everything into that carry-on bag, you have to embrace minimalism. Only pack a couple of each item of clothing; you can do laundry at your hotel or a nearby laundrette. Pack stylish trainers that work for both exercise and commuting to a meeting. Put lotions, shampoos and other liquid toiletries into smaller containers that can go through security. Or skip them altogether and stock up on hotel toiletries instead! (Your secret’s safe with us.)

3. Pick the right bag

With airlines filling their planes to maximum capacity, even people with only carry-on bags might have to check them. Avoid this by packing in compact carry-ons or duffel bags that easily fit into overhead compartments. Invest in a rolling bag with a clip to hook your briefcase or tote bag – this will save your back and shoulders a lot of pain! Make sure your bag looks professional as well; dark colours and quality materials like leather are always a good choice.

4. Pack wrinkle-free

Let’s be honest – no one likes ironing. Luckily, packing the right way minimises wrinkles. We particularly love the rolling method. It means your clothing is easy to find, takes up less space, and is more likely to keep its shape after a good rummage. If you get a few wrinkles, most hotels – including us – can provide a small iron.

5. Pick a colour palette

Colour palettes aren’t just for fashionistas; the savvy business traveller knows that they make packing and dressing easier. Neutrals like black, white, grey and navy go together and always look stylish. Pick a versatile suit, and add shirts, ties and other accessories to vary your look.

6. Go universal

Business travellers often need to bring a range of gadgets. We recommend bringing universal chargers that can work with all of them. While you’re at it, pack a universal adapter; there’s nothing worse than showing up and realising you’ve packed the wrong one. 

7. Take it easy

Whatever happens, YOTEL has got you covered once you arrive. Whether you’ve forgotten your charger, need a strong coffee, or want to use our free, fast WiFi, we’re here to help.

Want more tips? Have a look at this great video made by Heathrow Airport.