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What baggage can I bring to the hotel?

The hotel is located airside after security and passport control area near to boarding gates for Air France and SkyTeam. It is only possible to bring hand luggage with you. It is not possible to bring large items of luggage to the hotel. The aviation rules around liquids and container size also apply, so only take what you would usually take for hand luggage into the airside transit area. We provide shower gel, shampoo and fluffy towels in our cabins. If you're staying overnight before a flight, you can choose to leave your large items in baggage storage (landside) provided by Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Please note, the following day you will have to exit the secure airside area to collect your baggage and check it in. You will then have to re-enter the secure area again to take your flight. Your airline carrier may allow passengers to check-in luggage the night before your flight, check with your carrier for exact details.