In our Club or fireside lounge you can catch up on emails, grab a bite to eat or a hot chocolate, or just enjoy an evening with family and friends. Think of it as easy-come, easy-go hospitality, with charging points and free WiFi; fun, fresh playlists; and affordable food and drinks.
To help you stay safe and relaxed, we are implementing Operation #Smartstay at all of our hotels worldwide.

YOTELPAD Park City Social Space


You will find our fully stocked express grocery style Grab+Go, offering a wide range of amenities, food, drinks, and retail items. Ranging from quality coffees to high-end take-away meals you can heat up in your PAD, we will ensure to cater to all your needs. From fresh breakfast pastries to a great Lavazza coffee, we've got all-day casual dining covered.


YOTELPAD Park City is all about efficient design and social spaces. Our kids’ zone and media space are multifunctional spaces designed to turn into a private meeting room. Our tech booths are available for you to take a private call. Whilst we are all about creating social spaces, our public areas are perfectly suited for co-working with enough power outlets available to keep you connected at all times.

YOTELPAD Park City Games Room
YOTELPAD Park City Outdoor Area

Backyard & Terrace

Our backyard and terrace is the place to be and be seen. Unwind by the pool or soak up the sun in our backyard. On the opposite side of the terrace, there is space to chill out on lounge chairs and fire-tables facing mountain views - perfect for an evening drink!