YOTEL EXPANSION PLAN: 24+ hotels by 2021

Over recent years, the hospitality industry has seen great change, with many operators switching from asset-heavy to asset-light business models and the emergence of players within the shared economy such as Airbnb. YOTEL's strategy has always been to be asset-light and to work with long-term third-party investors who value the YOTEL brand, culture and its unique product. YOTEL will continue to disrupt the market and focus not only on delivering smart design and experiences, but also smart investment and development opportunities for our partners. YOTEL can deliver:

  • 50% more keys in the same square footage/meters than any traditional hotel
  • +40% stabilised NOI
  • +25% leveraged IRR

We have more information about the YOTEL concept and brands (YOTEL, YOTELAIR and YOTELPAD).
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