Located on the landside of Istanbul Airport’s main terminal building, you will find YOTEL near to entrance 7 and check-in counter R.


We have two hotels at Istanbul Airport, one with airside access and one with landside access.

Choose YOTELAIR on the airside if you have a valid international boarding pass and/or are transiting. Choose YOTEL on the landside if you are arriving at the airport from Istanbul and/or wish to leave the airport during your stay.


Where is YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport (airside) located?

  • We are located within the main terminal building on the Departures Floor (2nd floor) in the Transit (Duty-Free) area. Please follow Gates A and B, you will find our hotel next to the LCW store.

On which floor is YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport (airside) located?

  • The hotel is located on the Departure Floor within Transit / Duty-Free Area.

When should I stay airside?

  • Only if you have a valid boarding pass for an international flight
  • If you are transiting e.g. arriving on an international flight and continuing an onward journey on another international flight (please go through International Transfer Security) or
  • If you are coming from the city centre, another, local destination or via a domestic flight and are able to check-in and get your boarding card early enough to pass to the Duty-Free area and get your boarding card early enough to pass to the Duty-Free area and have time to stay. For this, please check your check-in time with your airline.
  • Please note: if you are arriving on an international flight and do not have another flight as part of your onward journey, you are NOT able to stay airside.

If I am arriving from the city centre or via a domestic flight, shall I go through passport control?

  • Only if your check-in time gives you enough time to check-in get your boarding card, go through passport control and then have time to stay at YOTELAIR.

When arriving via an international flight, do I have to complete Immigration and Customs paperwork to access YOTELAIR?

  • No. Our hotel is located before you get to Immigration and Customs. However, you will need to go through International Transfer Security

When arriving via an international flight, can I collect my checked luggage?

  • No. As the hotel is located before the luggage claim, hotel guests have NO access to and cannot retrieve their checked luggage whilst staying at the hotel.

What size luggage can I bring to the hotel?

  • Only hand luggage is permitted. Checked luggage should already be checked-in for your next flight
  • Aviation rules around liquids and container sizes also apply, so only bring what you would usually take in your hand luggage. We provide high-quality shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and hand soap in all of our cabins.

Please call +90 549 8277120 to speak with a Duty Manager if you have any questions.




  • Istanbul Airport is 45 minutes by taxi from Istanbul city centre. ​


  • HAVAIST is a private shuttle service provided by Istanbul Airport and is the most cost-effective way to travel between the airport and Istanbul city centre.
  • The HAVAIST shuttle station is in front of the international arrivals (Floor -2).
  • Click here to view timetables and journey times.


  • The hotel is approximately 60 minutes from Sabiha Gökçen Airport by taxi.
  • The HAVAIST shuttle  provides service from Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Istanbul Airport
  • Click here to search for timetables and journey times.