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Vi-YO-Let Disinfection

YOTEL Boston has welcomed Vi-YO-Let to the team in partnership with UVD Robots!

  • An extension of YOTEL’s operation #SmartStay safety measures, the robot will offer an even deeper level of disinfection throughout high-touch public spaces and select cabins. YOTEL Boston is the first hotel in the United States to implement the UVD Robot technology, which is currently the only disinfection system clinically proven to disinfect effectively while “on the move.” Vi-YO-Let fits in perfectly with our team here at YOTEL Boston and the high-tech, low-touch experience we have already created for guests.
  • The highly mobile, fully autonomous robot platform with an integrated UVD light disinfection system has been developed for hospitals worldwide and works to disinfect not only surfaces but the air as well, providing a fully comprehensive infection prevention solution. These efforts further YOTEL’s commitment to the safety and well-being of our crew and guests, including the ongoing sanitization and disinfection #SmartStay protocols established for all cabin types, public spaces, Deck 12, and Komyuniti.
  • Vi-YO-Let can be selected as a complimentary cabin add-on when booking on YOTEL.com. Guests must book Vi-YO-Let in advance of their stay to be able to take advantage of this feature in-cabin
  • ✔ Booking is easy - simply select your dates in the booking widget above and search
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