It takes many different departments to manage and operate a successful hotel. We use a lot of airline terminology throughout our brand so to explain a little: Fix It Crew (Engineers), Pre-Arrivals Crew (Reservations), Crew Support (HR), Mission Control (Front Office), Cabin Crew (Housekeeping) etc.

Location Available roles How to apply
YOTEL HQ London Director of Openings & Transitions
Customer Service Executive
YOTEL New York No vacancies Apply
YOTEL Boston Breakfast Cook
Breakfast Server
Director of Cabin Control
Facilities Manager
Director of Food and Beverage
YOTEL Singapore Sales Manager
Front Office Agent
Restaurant & Bar Crew

YOTEL San Francisco

Breakfast Server
Director of Cabin Crew
Director of Finance
Facilities Manager
Fix It Engineer
YOTEL Edinburgh
Opening Q3 2019
General Manager
Cluster Director of Revenue
Cluster Director of Sales & Marketing
Food & Beverage Manager
YOTEL Glasgow
Opening Q4 2019
General Manager Apply
YOTEL Istanbul Airport
Opening 2019
Assistant Food and Beverage Manager  
Sales Manager
YOTELAIR London Heathrow Mission Control (Receptionist) Apply
YOTELAIR London Gatwick No vacancies -
YOTELAIR Amsterdam Schiphol No vacancies -
YOTELAIR Paris Charles de Gaulle Mission Control Crew 
Night Porter
Breakfast Staff 
YOTELAIR Singapore Changi
Opening March 2019
Duty Manager 
Reservation Officer 
Front Office Agent 
Housekeeping Supervisor

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Please note that we don't work with recruitment agencies so we won't reply to any unsolicited approach.

We are growing very fast and are always looking for great people to join our crew. If you are interested in joining us and want to see if YOTEL is for you, it might help if you have a read through our brand values below and visit our Discover section.


Who is YOTEL?

We are social to the core, refreshingly inclusive and actively create a sense of community for work and play. We disrupt the world of hospitality through technology, design and our people. We deliver extraordinary value in sought after places.

We innovate and others follow!


Efficient: Doing what's needed and constantly improving with purpose. No compromise

Smart: Resourceful and clever smart decisions, smart design

Inspiring: Through creativity and innovation, everywhere

Empathy: Seeking to understand other people's needs, thoughtful and intuitive

Honest: True to who we are, delivering what we say



We want you to start off on the best foot possible. Every new team member receives an orientation on the company, brand, mission statement and our competencies so that you can become a true ambaassador for YOTEL. We never want you to stop growing at YOTEL and we will ensure you are supported with your personal development plan. You will take part in some mandatory training sessions and 'Masterclasses' to learn more about the business and it's different operating areas.

We often hold a POW WOW, by the GM or a senior leadership team member, where we get together to talk about the business and how we’re performing. YOTEL’s internal communication happens via ‘Jostle’, a new, social media style platform on which fun ideas, social events and new concepts are posted daily. Once a year, we conduct a crew survey to find out your views on the leadership team and your managers.

We continually encourage all our crew members to come up with innovative ideas, big or small, that either generate revenue, enhance the customer experience or save costs. These ideas are then reviewed by our CANI (Constant and Never-ending Innovation) team, and the best ones are implemented and rewarded.

In applying for a job with YOTEL (UK), and in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation, I agree to my personal data / CV being securely held for a period of no greater than six months. After which it will be deleted. If my details are shared internally to satisfy our recruitment process they shall be encrypted, or password protected.