Our People

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We have more than fifty nationalities in our team and between us, we speak more than thirty different languages, which not only makes us an interesting bunch, but hugely culturally aware and inclusive. We are all avid explorers and between us have travelled to hundreds of countries around the globe. We’ve done some remarkable things, seen some breath-taking places and met some extraordinary people – yet we suspect the YOTEL journey is our most adventurous and pioneering one to date!

Headshot of Hubert Viriot

Hubert Viriot

Chief Executive Officer
Headshot of Andy Fish

Andy Fish

Chief Financial Officer
Headshot of Rohan

Rohan Thakkar

Chief Development Officer
Headshot of Sven Goosen

Sven Goosen

Chief Operating Officer
Headshot of Edward

Ed Pinchard

Chief Commercial Officer
Headshot of Nader Nawwar

Nader Nawwar

VP Business Performance, Europe and Middle East
Headshot of Travis Breen

Travis Breen

VP Business Performance, USA
Headshot of Duncan Swanson

Duncan Swanson

VP People
Headshot of Olivia Donnan

Olivia Donnan

VP Brand & Communications
Headshot of Dipesh

Dipesh Joshi

VP IT and Innovation
Headshot of Mark Henderson

Mark Henderson

VP Technical Services