?AirsideWhat does this mean?

This YOTELAIR is located in the secure transit area, past security and passport control. Guests staying at airside MUST have a valid boarding pass. Only hand luggage is permitted. It is not possible to bring large items of luggage to the hotel.

YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport Landside entrance

YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport Airside


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Premium Queen ADA

YOTEL Istanbul Airport Landside Premium Plus King

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YOTEL Istanbul Airport Landside Premium Plus Twin

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YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport Premium Plus Queen

Premium Plus King

YOTEL Istanbul Airport Landside Premium Plus King

Everything you need and nothing you don't...

Super-fast WiFi Free, fast WiFi on as many devices as you like
Book by the hour A minimum of four hours must be booked
Airside location Located on the airside of Istanbul Airport's main terminal building
Card only We do not accept cash payments
Komyuniti lounge Where you can meet, relax and refresh before your flight.
Adjustable SmartBed™ YOTEL’s SmartBed adjusts from an upright couch to a fully flat double bed
YOTEL Istanbul entrance with guests walking in

Airside or landside?

  • Istanbul Airport is home both to YOTEL and YOTELAIR. This hotel is located 'airside', in the transit (Duty-Free) area on the Departures Floor (2nd floor). Please follow Gates A and B, you will find our hotel next to the LCW store.
Kara tarafına erişim?
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Day Rates

  • Our day rates are your answer to long transit or unexpected layovers. We provide all the necessities for the modern-day traveller to relax, rest, work and refresh between flights. 
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YOTEL check-in kiosk

Mission Control

  • İster gece ister gündüz, istediğiniz zaman check-in ve check-out yapabilirsiniz! YOTELAIR İstanbul Havalimanı’nda kabininizi gecelik olarak veya sadece birkaç saatliğine rezerve edebilirsiniz.YOTELAIR’de hava yolu tipi kiosklarımız sayesinde 7/24 check-in ve check-out yapabilirsiniz. Standart check-in saati 14.00’den sonra ve check-out saati 12.00’den öncedir. Acil ihtiyaç ve kişisel bakım malzemelerinden ekstra anahtar ve havluya dek her şey için uğrayabileceğiniz tek limandır.
  • Please Note: Cash payments are not accepted
YOTELAIR Premium Cabin luggage storage


  • YOTELAIR İstanbul Havalimanı (Hava tarafı) pasaport ve güvenlik kontrolünden sonra, perakende Duty Free alanında yer alır. Sadece el bagajı kabul edilir. Otele büyük boyutlarda bagaj getirmek mümkün değildir.
YOTEL/YOTELAIR Istanbul Komyuniti meal and drink


  • Komyuniti, YOTELAIR İstanbul Havalimanı’nın (Hava tarafı) 24 saat yiyecek ve içecek bulunan sosyalleşme merkezidir.
  • Kahvaltı: 6.30am – 11.00am (Continental breakfast)
  • All-day refreshments: 11.00am – 10.30pm (food selections from the menu)
  • Overnight: 10.30pm – 06.30am (snack selections from the menu)
YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport Komyuniti breakfast


  • Kahvaltı aşağıdakileri içerir:
  • Karışık yerel zeytinler
  • Yoğurt çeşitleri
  • Granola
  • Yumurta
  • Sade kruvasan
  • Çikolatalı kruvasan
  • Taze elma / portakal suyu
  • Kahve, çay veya sıcak çikolata
YOTEL Istanbul Airport Komyuniti food platter

Öğle ve Akşam Yemeği

  • Öğle ve akşam yemeği seçenekleri bulunur:
  • Ev yapımı humus
  • Tavuklu salata wrap
  • Sebzeli sandviç
  • Akdeniz salatası
  • Günün tatlısı
  • Meyve
  • Kahve, çay ve meşrubat çeşitleri

Getting to us


We have two hotels at Istanbul Airport, one with airside access and one with landside access.

Choose YOTELAIR on the airside if you have a valid international boarding pass and / or are transiting. Choose YOTEL on the landside if you are arriving at the airport from Istanbul and / or wish to leave the airport during your stay.

Where is YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport (airside) located?
We are located within the main terminal building on the Departures Floor (2nd floor) in the Transit (Duty-Free) area. Please follow Gates A and B, you will find our hotel next to the LCW store.

On which floor is YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport (airside) located?
The hotel is located on the Departure Floor within Transit / Duty-Free Area.

When should I stay airside?
Only if you have a valid boarding pass for an international flight.
If you are transiting e.g. arriving on an international flight and continuing an onward journey on another international flight (please go through International Transfer Security) or
If you are coming from the city centre, another local destination or via a domestic flight and are able to check-in and get your boarding card early enough to pass to the Duty-Free area and get your boarding card early enough to pass to the Duty-Free area and have time to stay. For this, please check your check-in time with your airline.

Please note: If you are arriving on an international flight and do not have another flight as part of your onward journey, you are NOT able to stay airside.

If I am arriving from the city centre or via a domestic flight, shall I go through passport control?
Only if your check-in time gives you enough time to check-in get your boarding card, go through passport control and then have time to stay at YOTELAIR.

When arriving via an international flight, do I have to complete Immigration and Customs paperwork to access YOTELAIR?
No. Our hotel is located before you get to Immigration and Customs. However, you will need to go through International Transfer Security

When arriving via an international flight, can I collect my checked luggage?
No. As the hotel is located before the luggage claim, hotel guests have NO access to and cannot retrieve their checked luggage whilst staying at the hotel.

What size luggage can I bring to the hotel?
Only hand luggage is permitted. Checked luggage should already be checked-in for your next flight.
Aviation rules around liquids and container sizes also apply, so only bring what you would usually take in your hand luggage. We provide high-quality shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and hand soap in all of our cabins.

Please call +90 549 8277120 to speak with a Duty Manager if you have any questions.

Our address

YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport (Airside)
Tayakadın Mahallesi
Terminal Caddesi No:1
34283, İstanbul