Sleep Well with Lumie

From long-haul flights and jet lag to changes in working and social hours, travelling can have a significant impact on our sleep pattern. Now you can regulate your sleep cycle at YOTEL with free loan of a Lumie light at select city centre and airport locations around the world.



Wake up feeling energised to continue experiencing, doing, and achieving; non-stop. 

Designed to help regulate sleep cycles, the Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150 mimics the natural rising and setting of the sun, waking you gradually so you feel more alert once awake. In the evening, Lumie also enables you to wind down naturally by offering a fading sunset. 

Check-in now at the city centre and airport hotels below and ask to borrow a better night’s sleep for free with the Lumie wake-up light.

Terms: Lumie loan is free with confirmed YOTEL stay and can be rented from Mission Control at all participating hotels, subject to availability. Guests will be required to sign a rental waiver, agreeing to return the light upon check-out in the condition in which it was received.