Porto city and river view

Things to do


  • Narrow streets and colourful homes make way to breathtaking views over the Douro river. Its galleries full of contemporary and ancient art, museums and gardens, and restaurants with both traditional food (francesinhas and cachorrinhos are a must) and inspirations from around the world will make you fall in love with this city! Our Porto hotel puts you in the heart of they city, making landmarks easily accessible. Here is the ultimate guide for the best things to see and do in Porto. 
Porto Cathedral

Porto Cathedral

  • You will find Porto Cathedral in the highest part of the city, just a short 15-minute walk from YOTEL Porto. Built in the 12th century by initiative of its first bishop, the temple is known as the church of Santa Maria do Porto, or Nossa Senhora do Porto da Eterna Salvação – attesting to the importance of the Marian cult. Having been rebuilt and renovated numerous times throughout the time, the temple has a mix of architectural styles including Baroque, Romanesque and Gothic.
Clérigos Church and Tower, Porto

Clérigos Church and Tower

  • Built between 1735 and 1748, the Clérigos church is one of the most emblematic monuments in the city. The Clérigos tower extends upwards through 75 metres before rising to its crowning glory, the spherical clock house. It has an inner staircase (240 degrees) giving access to the top and offers breathtaking views over the old town and Douro River. You will find the Clérigos Church and Tower 15-minutes walk from YOTEL Porto. 
Cellars of Porto wine

Cellars of Porto wine

  • Most of the Porto cellars are located in Vila Nova de Gaia, on the other side of Douro River. Porto wine has been produced centuries in this region and its advantage over other wines of the world is its fortification with aguardente which stops fermentation. Book an afternoon at a wine lodge, learn the wine making process and finish with a tasting session.
Bolhão Market Porto

Bolhão Market

  • You cannot visit Porto without going to Bolhão Market. The markets' sellers have been there a lifetime, and their families before them. Its worn down appearance and buzzing atmosphere add to its unique charm. Here you will find fresh fish, meat, fruit, flowers and other colourful products.
Livraria Lello & Irmão, Porto

Livraria Lello & Irmão

  • Considered the most beautiful library in Europe and one of the most unique in the world, Livraria Lello & Irmão is a 15-minute walk from YOTEL Porto. The neo-gothic building from 1906 features two floors as well as an elegant wooden and red velvet staircase in the middle of the library connecting both floors. This library is so special, that J.K. Rowling was inspired by it when writing Harry Potter.
Casa da Música, Porto

Casa da Música

  • Casa da Música is a concert hall designed to host all sorts of music events including electronic, classical and jazz productions. The structure is a cultural attraction in itself boasting bold architecture.
Porto Ribiera bridge, river view


  • Porto's riverside quarter, Riberia, is one of the city's oldest neighbourhoods in the heart of the Old Town. It's narrow cobbled streets come alive in the evening with small bars and restaurants serving classic Portuguese dishes. Get instagram-worthy snaps of the Luis I Bridge and Vila de Gaia.
Serralves Foundation Porto

Serralves Foundation

  • Located in Foz, the Serralves Foundation is a cultural institution with a mission to promote contemporary art. The foundation plays host to the Museum of Contemporary Art, lush gardens, Serralves’ house, the Casa do Cinema Manoel de Oliviera and an auditorium.