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Purple goes Green

  • The future of travel is well and truly green. We’re striving to reduce our carbon footprint, recycle more and limit our energy consumption globally. Our properties are designed with the future in mind, so expect smart and innovative initiatives to be rolled out across existing and new hotels. 
  • The three pillars that form our sustainability strategy are simply:

  1. Developing intelligent and sustainable buildings
  2. Operating sustainably
  3. Taking care of our people, our guests and our communities
YOTEL Amsterdam exterior view

Developing intelligent buildings

  • At YOTEL, we are about innovative, flexible and smart design. Using this philosophy, we build up to 50% more rooms on a single site than the average hotel, thus we endeavour to conserve resources and develop spaces efficiently and sustainably. We design our hotels in order to keep waste and maintenance as low as practically possible and choose quality materials that will stand the test of time, not needing replacement every couple of years.
YOTEL Singapore VIP Suite bedroom day

Operating sustainably

  • We strive to implement energy systems to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. A few ways in which we save energy where we can; water flow measures include the use of showerheads, and taps that are 45% more efficient, cabins that are  installed with low energy LED lighting and occupancy sensors for heating, lighting and cooling systems. To combat energy wastage during laundry, we don’t change linen daily, we only change towels if they’re discarded and we’ve developed a programme to give back. We’re offer $5/ €5/ £5 dining or drinks credit for each day guests decline our housekeeping service. 
YOTEL Singapore - Bathroom view

Say no to single use

  • We don’t use single use mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion. Instead, our cabin amenity range, Urban Skincare, is dispensed via pump action bottles. These large bottles get topped up by our cabin crew in between stays. When the bottles do have to be replaced due to wear and tear, they’re fully recyclable.
YOTEL Boston - Laptop in Komyuniti

Reduce, reuse, recycle

  • We strive to recycle all decomposable and reusable materials across our hotels and offices. We only provide guests with pens made from recycled paper and have a minimal paper policy, opting to give guests everything they need to know digitally. The majority of our restaurant menus are available online and food and drink packaging tend to be either recyclable or compostable.
YOTEL New York - Guest in cabin drinking from a bottle

Our responsibility

  • To ensure we have a positive impact on our environment, both locally and globally, we proudly practice the following YOTEL environmental initiatives. We encourage our guests and crew to use our branded reusable water bottles made from recyclable materials and top up with complimentary purified water at our Galley stations or in Komyuniti.
  • We communicate with guests through technology, rather than on paper. We automate check-in and check-out, discouraging the need for printed invoices. Finally, we operate a cycle to work scheme at HQ to further reduce our carbon footprint and keep our team fighting fit.
YOTEL - Cabin Crew

We CANI stop!

  • CANI stands for constant and never-ending innovation, which in our world is quite a big deal. We keep sustainability at the forefront of our minds when evaluating every idea that comes our way. We LOVE green. We know we can always do better so our ‘green’ team is currently working on a whole set of initiatives that will help us get even better at this, this is just the start.