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Nicole Mungo Author: Nicole Mungo
Last updated: 28 December 2016

If you’re planning a holiday to New York City this year, we want to help you make the most of your trip. Whether you’re going for a long weekend or a couple of weeks, with our top tips your New York City break will be plain sailing and most of all, unforgettable.

1. Plan when to go

Having been dubbed “the city that never sleeps” there is really no bad time to visit NYC, but how you plan to spend your trip might be season-dependent. January-March tends to bring in fewer tourists to the city, while April to May sees the city’s parks come to life with cherry blossoms, giving it a renewed sense of energy. The warmer months of June, July and August tend to be popular, but tail off towards the end of August when the city can get hot - New Yorkers who can afford to might retire to their beach houses in the Hamptons. September and October bring stunning fall colours to the city, while November and December typically see the holiday cheer take over.

2. Venture off the beaten track

Whenever you decide to visit the Big Apple, there is certainly no shortage of spectacular sites to see. Well-renowned sites will always attract crowds, so visit some of the lesser-known spots around the city. Pay a visit to the Union Square Greenmarket for a true taste of New York, take a walking tour of NYC Subway Art, or rent a bicycle and explore Central Park at a leisurely pace. Take the time to explore the magnificent city and see it through the eyes of a local.

3. Create an itinerary

This might sound a bit boring, but it’s worth it. Visiting sites that are close together can not only save you time and money, but will also avoid unnecessary traipsing around the city. Just as the subway in the height of summer is decidedly unappealing, so too are long treks in the winter. That said, don’t stick too rigidly to your schedule. You might get caught off-guard by an unexpected crowd or completely bypass a hidden gem so it’s always worth having a backup plan or two, and exploring with an open mind.

Photo via (Flickr / Derek Mindler)

4. Make use of technology to enhance your stay

As I’m sure most of us will agree, travel wouldn’t be the same without our fail-safe gadgets and gismos. If you haven’t had the fortune of using them, apps like CityMapper, NYC Go and YOTEL’s own Shaggy app can help you navigate your way around the city and make sure you get to your destinations quickly and easily. There are plenty of places where you can make the most of free WiFi, including at YOTEL, to ensure you’re not using unnecessary data. If your return flight is later in the day, consider leaving your luggage with our YOBOT to avoid lugging your suitcase around with you all day.

5. Travel Smarter

As with any trip abroad, the cost of staying in New York can easily add up. There are a number of ways you can save your pennies so you don’t have to worry about splashing cash where you really want. Investing in a New York Pass or City Pass can be a great way to save some money - check out which covers more of the attractions you’re interested in visiting to see which is going to be the best fit for you. There are also plenty of free attractions which will help your budget go further, such as exploring the city’s parks and even the New York Public Library.

Image via Curbed NY

6. Enjoy all of NYC's cultural diversity

New York is known for being a cultural melting pot. One of the best ways to enjoy its cultural diversity is by tasting all the rich and varied flavours it has to offer. Whether it be a big bowl of soup dumplings in Chinatown, a delicious pasta dish and a cannoli in Little Italy, or one of the hundreds of different cuisines dotted around the city – there is something for every appetite. A few New York specialities you shouldn’t miss out on include bagels, pizza and roasted peanuts!

Image via Walks of NYC

7. Staying central

Lastly, staying in a central location such as that offered by YOTEL all the best spots will be right on your doorstep and you will feel fully immersed in the city that never sleeps.