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According to Irish folklore, a leap year is a time where women can flip tradition on its head and propose to their significant other instead of waiting for them to pop the question. We can’t help but think these modern times are calling for a new custom. Every four years we are faced with an extra day in February. A whole day! Some call it the re-alignment of the solar calendar… but we call it a blessing.

At YOTEL, we’re all about creating new and wonderful experiences. So why not treat this leap year as the opportunity to spend a day doing something you wouldn’t usually do otherwise. Here are just a few of the many things you could do to get the most out of 29 February, 20.


The sky is the limit! Travelling is the best way to challenge yourself, broaden your horizons and have some fun along the way. This isn’t to say you should quit your job and book a one-way flight to the other side of the globe – it’s amazing how much you can see on a day trip just outside of your local area. Use the 29th as that extra inch of motivation to get out and about. You could even settle for finally visiting the museum you walk past every day on your daily commute. Little steps can make a big difference.

If you’re not quite ready to hit the road, take the 29th as your day to plan plan plan. It takes time to dig out the best of digs and spot the coolest spots when you’re heading to a new city. Grab a cuppa (or five) and spend the day mapping out your dream holiday – it’ll be much easier than slyly googling in between emails at work. Did we mention we like cool hotels? Check us out at for some travel inspo.

To celebrate the leap year we’re offering you 29% off all stays* until 31 May 2020!


Why wait for a job interview or a breakup to get your dream haircut? Use the leap year as your ticket to change and do something unexpected. If you’re not quite ready for a bob or bangs, settle for something which will make you feel good and refreshed – perhaps a massage or buying that pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on. It’s easy to lose yourself in amongst the chaos of living in 2020 - walk into March feeling more like you than you did the day before.


This might be our favourite option… a day with nothing to do but sleep. Need we say more? Our lives are busy, work can be intense, and we’re less than a metre away from a smartphone at all times. Make the 29th a day of rest, a day to switch off and really recharge.

Did we mention our beds are super snug? Strange! Well our beds are super snug – they can also recline from a sofa to a bed at the touch of a button so you can feel snug no matter what! Check out our SmartBed™ here to get in the mood for your restful leap year.  


Time might limit your options with this one so don’t feel disheartened if you can’t learn Spanish in a day - start small! Here are just a few suggestions for you to learn on your leap year day of fun:

  • Juggle
  • Train in first aid
  • Play four guitar chords
  • Tie a bow tie
  • Make an origami swan
  • Do a handstand
  • Recite the alphabet in sign language
  • Change a car tyre

The list goes on. We hope you feel inspired to make the most of this wonderous extra day. Happy leap year!

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