YOTEL Edinburgh marks International Coffee Day with Workshop Coffee

Workshop Coffee

At YOTEL, all of our coffee is seasonally sourced and roasted for us by Workshop Coffee. Workshop Coffee is a speciality coffee roaster in London’s Bethnal Green and focuses on sourcing exceptional, fresh harvest coffees from the best coffee producing countries around the world.

We source our coffee seasonally to ensure it’s as fresh as it can be (and at its absolute best) when served. It’s also single-origin, which means it’s not been blended. It’s all from one farm or one cooperative in one region of one country, providing a taste of the place where it was grown and harvested. This plays a crucial part in creating the variety of flavours and characteristics that make coffee such a complex drink.

Every year on 1st October, International Coffee Day celebrates everything coffee and recognises the millions of people across the world - from farmers, roasters, baristas, coffee shops and more - who work hard to create and serve the coffee we all know and love.

To mark the occasion, YOTEL Edinburgh, who’s current blend is the Pantano Espresso from Brazil, hosted a home-brewing masterclass in its very own coffee haven, KOHI. KOHI, Japanese for coffee, opens daily from early morning to late afternoon serving up the best coffee in town.

Getting hands-on, the team from Workshop Coffee shared just how easy it is to make great tasting coffee at home and showcased three different brewing styles including the French press, the V60 pour-over and the AeroPress.