Jet Lag Campaign

Land like a local

Ditch the jet lag and take off on your next getaway with YOTEL for a stress-free stay. Long-hauls are daunting, which is why we're bringing you ways to bust your jet lag so you can focus on your Non-Stop trip.

Our SmartBed™, curated jet lag menu, and partnerships with sleep and recovery experts are here to help you combat exhaustion, headaches, sleeplessness, nausea and more. Read on to discover how to land like a local. 

Jet lag lady


Our recent survey of 2,000 US and UK participants uncovered staggering statistics: 42% find coping with jet lag challenging, while over 53% ignore their fatigue due to FOMO.  

From difficulty sleeping to exhaustion and headaches, jet lag’s effects are diverse and disruptive. But here at YOTEL, we believe that shouldn’t stand in the way of your ultimate adventure. We’re on a mission to crack the code of jet lag so you can explore the world without compromise. 

Flykitt Jetlag


Introducing the world's first system to eliminate jet lag upon arrival. Developed by Fount and based on research with Navy SEALs, FlyKitt Rescue is an all-natural supplement protocol designed to combat jet lag symptoms. 

With its unique blend of ingredients, it supports sleep, boosts energy and gets you back on your feet wherever you are in the world. Add the FlyKitt Rescue to your next booking: It's already available at selected hotels*.

Jet lag Urban Jungle


Elevate your post-flight recovery with Urban Jungle’s Skin Recovery Kit, available to add-on to your booking at selected hotels. Try the Dust It off Exfoliator and Plump Fiction Serum so you can embark on your next journey knowing that your skin is taken care of.   

Jet lag tips


Remember, jet lag shouldn’t dictate your adventure. Head to the YOTEL blog to check out some extra tips from sleep expert Charlotte Edelsten to help you conquer jet lag so you’re always feeling your best when you travel.  

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YOTEL is an independent reseller of the Rescue and Recovery Kit and is not affiliated with any third-party brand owners, product manufacturers, or their affiliates. Please ensure you are familiar with the ingredients and seek proper medical advice before use. YOTEL assumes no liability whatsoever, including in connection with the contents, quality, or effect of a product manufactured or sold by a third party.

Both FlyKitt Rescue and Urban Jungle Skin Recovery Kits available at following hotels only; YOTEL New York, YOTEL Miami, YOTEL Amsterdam, YOTEL London City, YOTEL and Singapore. Urban Jungle Skin Recovery Kits are also currently available at YOTEL Istanbul Airport and YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport. Limited stock availability, available while stock lasts. Guests can collect add on at Mission Control. Both FlyKitt Rescue and Urban Jungle Skin Recovery Kit are an additional cost to be purchased at time of booking at participating hotels.