Tech first, think later

YOTEL New York luggage YOBOT
  • We appeal to those who find traditional hotels uninspiring, searching for a different experience and not just a great sleep.
  • We deliver that experience through awesome people, smart design and the creative use of technology. From contactless check-in, check-out, or upgrades via our Self Service Stations, SmartKey via the app or our super-fast Wi-Fi. We’re giving you everything you need and nothing you don’t.
YOTEL Edinburgh - Kohi

Pretty fly for a Wi-Fi

  • We know you guys expect super-fast Wi-Fi across all your devices, so that’s exactly what you’ll get, across all our hotels around the world. Plug in, switch on, fire up and get surfing.
YOTEL Singapore - Mission Control

Lo-touch Hi-tech

  • Our Self Service Stations are super duper if we do say so. You can check-in, create your own cabin key, order a late check-out or breakfast delivery all on our touch screens in Mission Control. They’re available 24/7, 365 days a year, giving you that lo-touch experience, we know everyone has come to know and love.
YOTEL - Mobile Application

Get Appy

  • Get everything YOTEL has to offer right in the palm of your hand. Make bookings, check-in before your arrival, download your SmartKey and even order a meal. Plus, tons of other fun app stuff, we’ve worked hard behind the scenes to deliver an app-solutely seamless experience. 
YOTEL Glasgow - SmartTV

Cast away

  • Our cabins are all equipped with HD Smart TV’s, ready to satisfy all of your entertainment needs. Use Chromecast and watch shows from your devices. It’s easy, really.
YOTEL Amsterdam drone service

Immerse yourself

  • Focused on the guest experience, our innovative technology provides the opportunity to switch seamlessly from work to play. With each new project around the world, we put our thinking caps on to seek out innovative new technologies, processes and immersive experiences to enhance our guest experience.  
YOTEL Singapore - robot concierges

YO-bot to be kidding me

  • No, we’re not kidding, we employ robots at lots of our hotels around the world. They’re all about customer service and can store your luggage, deliver you a newspaper or even extra towels. They move freely around our hotels, stopping for chats or a quick selfie with our guests.