Lumie on bedside table

In celebration of World Sleep Day (Friday 17th March), YOTEL has announced a global partnership with light therapy experts, Lumie, giving guests the opportunity to loan a wake-up light for free during stays around the world. With a shared passion for innovation and functional technology, the collaboration is empowering YOTEL’s on-the-go guests to reconnect with their natural rhythms and achieve best-ever sleep, mood and energy performance.

From long-haul flights and jet lag to changes in working and social hours, travelling can have a significant impact on our sleep pattern. With recent research showing that a good night’s sleep can help boost the immune system and keep anxiety at bay (Pinatih, Stylus, 2020), and that tech-leveraged solutions such as Lumie, are playing an increasingly key role in driving the $121bn global mental wellness industry (GWI, 2021), YOTEL’s partnership with Lumie helps time-poor travellers improve their quality of sleep using functional tech-first solutions.

YOTEL guests looking to ease jet lag, beat the winter blues or simply start the day a little gentler can loan a Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150 for free at select YOTEL locations around the world including city centre hotels in London, Edinburgh, Boston, and New York, as well as airport properties in Istanbul, London Gatwick, Paris, and Singapore. Now with the option to borrow a better night’s sleep, YOTEL guests can wake feeling energised and continue experiencing, doing, and achieving; non-stop. 

Designed to help regulate sleep cycles, the Bodyclock Glow 150 mimics the natural rising and setting of the sun, waking users gradually and effectively, ensuring they feel more alert and energised once awake. In the evening, Lumie also enables guests to wind down naturally, emitting low-blue light and offering a fading sunset to create an optimised environment for a great night’s sleep. By replacing a harsh phone alarm with the Lumie wake-up light, it also eliminates the need for keeping phones bedside, discouraging late-night scrolling.  Instead, Lumie helps guests practice healthier habits to ensure they drift off to sleep quicker, including reading, journaling, and meditating.  

The Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150 is now available to request for free from Mission Control at YOTEL London Shoreditch, YOTEL London City, YOTEL Edinburgh, YOTEL New York Times Square, YOTEL Boston, YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport, YOTELAIR London Gatwick, YOTELAIR Paris and YOTELAIR Changi Singapore Airport subject to availability.